How to throw the BEST ‘FRIENDS’ Themed Party

Could there BE a better theme? I don’t think so! Even though ‘Friends’ last episode aired 16 years ago, it’s popularity is still going strong today! So bring back all of the feel good nostalgia and lets get planning!

I’m sure you’ve seen many versions of a ‘Friends’ themed party, but here my take on it. I’ll be sharing decor links, downloadable print files, Cricut .svg files and .dxf Silhouette files that will be listed on my Etsy page for purchase! I’m here to save you time and the headache of party planning 🙂

Let’s start with a very important part of a party, food! There are so many food options to choose from inspired by Friends sitcom. Here are a few:

  • Ross’s Fajitas
  • Joey’s Meatballs
  • Joey’s Sandwiches
  • Holiday Armajello
  • Monica’s Sexy Salad
  • Mocklate (chocolate)
  • Spudnik Salad (potato salad)
  • The One with All the Lasagna
  • Rachel’s Trifle
  • Monica’s Little Drops of Heaven (Candy)
  • Nestle Toulouse (chocolate chip cookies)
  • And for drinks Ross’s “I’m Fine” Margaritas

You can even hang a sign over the food that says, “Joey Doesn’t Share Food!”

Shop print / cut food label files here!

Shop Ross’s Margaritas Sign and more here!

For decor:

  • The purple door with gold frame – You can use purple wrapping paper to cover your door and cut out a paper gold frame and tape on with the peep hole. I choose to use a purple table cloth as a backdrop and put a paper frame on it with ‘30’ balloons.
  • The iconic blue, yellow and red umbrellas. Perfect for photo opts! I bought 3 and laid them against the gift table with a backdrop behind the table.
  • Coffee mugs! So easy just fill them up with rocks on the bottom and coffee beans on top to save you some money. Throw in some tea lights or use them to put your food signs in.
  • Central Perks orange couch (buy a slip cover and use a couch you already own or find one someone is giving away)
  • ‘Central Perk’ framed sign
  • Cardboard cut of the Friends cast for photo opts
  • “The One Where…” banner (I.e. “The One Where Nikole Turns 30”)
  • Inflatable guitar with a “Smelly Cat” sign
  • Photo booth props
  • Friends confetti (I made my own using my Cricut Maker and colored cardstock, but you can buy them already made through the link)
  • Friends picture frame (DIY with a black frame, string and clothes pins)
  • Projector showing your favorite Friends episodes
  • “Phoebes Cups and Ice” sign for your cups and ice (I made my own using my Cricut Maker and colored cardstock)
  • Colorful cups hung on a string as decorative garland
  • Friends tableware set (Loved this set!)
  • ‘Friends’ face masks (if you’re throwing a party during the pandemic)
  • If you’re feeling extra crafty, cut out silhouettes of the cast with your favorite quotes as centerpieces!


Linking everything below!

Shop my purple polkadot 2 piece set here:

Shop decor here:

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