Dreamy Boho Birthday Party

Put on your flower crown and get ready to step into a bohemian dream!

The boho theme has been around for awhile and seems to be keeping its popularity. Since I couldn’t travel for my birthday this year, I decided to go all out and throw myself a party. I pictured an intimate, outdoor party with floor seating, twinkling lights and tons of pillows. I had an overwhelming urge to completely transform my backyard into a bohemian getaway. So I did just that, and you can to!

One of the best things about a Bohemian theme is that it’s eclectic. You can mix and match everything, from dinnerware to decor and throw in a ton of personal touches with DIYs. This also makes throwing this type of party budget friendly!

The major pieces, like the low profile table and bar were free! I searched Facebook Marketplace until I found a long enough table that was FREE and just cut the legs down to about 14 inches in height. Facebook Market place is a great place to find a lot of free goodies! Like I said, the boho theme is eclectic, so you can gather a bunch of free items from wherever. Even shop at consignment store or rummage in your moms/grandma’s attic. You’re sure to find antique pieces that would work perfectly for your party!

For the bar, I searched for free pallets, also on Facebook Marketplace. These pallets are easy to come by. Tons of business are always throwing them away after a delivery. You can get creative with however you want to build your own bar. That’s the fun part about it! I chose to leave mine unstained and just drape a lace tablecloth across the front. My mom had a lot laying around, so it literally cost me nothing! Only things I bought were the fringe decor that I stapled across the front and some twinkle lights I put in between the pallets.

The glassware (bottles/jars) I bought from Ikea and they were very affordable at about $3 each! I made my custom labels using my Cricut Maker (Paint pen on matte black vinyl).

Other decor I DIY’d were the candle vases, the teepee, ‘BAR’ letters and some other signage. To make the ‘BAR’ letters, I used my Cricut Maker to cut the letters out of basswood and then glued Dollar Tree flowers/leaves to them.

For the teepee, I bought 5, 6ft dowel rods from the hardware store and tied them together with some rope. I then draped a white table cloth around it (or you can use a bed sheet) and pinned it to the rope to stay up. Hand sew the top, front opening about 8-10” down. Tuck/tie the front parts back to create a little opening. Throw a blanket and some pillows on the bottom and voila, you have yourself a teepee!

I hope I’ve helped inspire you to transform your backyard into a bohemian getaway! This theme is perfect for a small dinner party, bridal shower or even baby shower!

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