CHIC Punta Cana Review

Affordable, modern luxury in paradise is the best way to describe CHIC Punta Cana (by Royalton). Located on a sprawling beach, CHIC is equipped with a beautiful pool, contemporary design and the friendliest staff. This exciting, all-inclusive, adults-only resort offers endless activities and a lively atmosphere that will leave you with a memorable experience.

In this post I’ll be providing a breakdown of my stay at the CHIC Punta Cana and why I loved it!

How to get there

I contacted the hotel directly for the best for of transportation and they suggested Nexus Tours. I even shopped around, but Nexus Tours seemed to be the best price. I purchased a round trip, shared transfer for $45.00 USD, that ran about 45 minutes to the resort. They also offer private transfers for $162 USD pp. Even though I purchased a shared transfer, I somehow got lucky and had a private transfer both ways! On the way to the resort I was on a basic shuttle van and on the way back the van offered wifi, which is always a nice perk on a long ride.

Arrival / Check-in

Once I stepped out of my transfer I was immediately greeted with a “Welcome Melissa.” The only other time I had that happen was in Dubai, so I have to say I was pretty impressed that an all-inclusive resort in Punta Cana greeted me the same way. They definitely try to give you that luxury feel by quickly grabbing your luggage, handing you a warm towel to freshen up and a cocktail to sip on, all while being escorted to the check-in desk. Right away I knew I was going to like this resort. After checking in at the front desk, they called down my personal Butler to show me around and help me with any questions. My room wasn’t ready since I had arrived so early, so my Butler took me to a changing room so I could get into my beach wear. He actually waited for me to change, so he could then show me around. Which I thought was a great extra step to providing that luxury feel.

Bathing Suit is from Amazon
Diamond Club

The Diamond Club is an upgraded luxury and I highly recommend it. Let me tell you why… First of all you get your own butler, which I will talk about more below. The Diamond club also offers it’s own private beach with a bar, grill and the most comfortable shaded beds! I loved that the Diamond club offered an exclusive section since the resort was pretty full and it was hard to find a spot on the beach. I also felt like the bartender at the Diamond club made the best drinks on the whole resort. It helps that they carry premium liquor as well. I spent most of days lounging on my own bed getting served cocktails and lunch without moving a muscle.

Besides all of these perks you also get:

  • Dedicated room locations
  • Access to the Mermaid Pool
  • Access to the Diamond club lounge (offering snacks, premium liquors and coffee)
  • 10% discount on spa treatments & beauty services, free access to the spa’s jacuzzis / hot tubs
Butler Service

As for the butler service, I was very impressed! I was told I would have more then one butler since they work in shifts but Ronaldo was my main butler. He was pretty much there all day and the only butler I saw. It was nice to have a familiar face there everyday during my stay, especially since this was my first solo trip! The butlers seemed to be walking around the entire resort all day. I’d run into my butler through-out the day / night. He would always check-in on me and asked if there was anything I needed. I made a few reservations with him while I was out on the beach. This was nice since I didn’t have to go back to my room to do so. 


There are only 320 rooms and about 5 room types at the CHIC Punta Cana. Rooms are categorized as the Luxury Room, Luxury Junior Suite, Luxury Presidential One Bedroom Suite Diamond Club, Luxury Junior Suite Ocean View Diamond Club, and Luxury Junior Suite Swim Out Diamond Club. You can check out all the room types here.

One thing I noticed is that half of the rooms were located in front of the lobby, pretty far from pretty much all the activity. While the swim out rooms and other half were located near the pool. So keep location in mind while choosing a room!

I definitely knew I wanted to stay in a swim out room, so I chose the Luxury Junior Suite Swim Out Diamond Club room. I really wanted the ocean view swim out room, but they only have three of them and they were all sold out. Regardless, I loved my room and I was close enough to the ocean that I had a partial view anyways! I also had a great view of the beautiful pool and all the activities that were going on.

I was even able to get cocktails delivered right to my swim out pool! Talk about being spoiled. To add to the spoiled feel, 24-hour room service was included with my stay. One of my favorite things to do was to order room service for breakfast and eat poolside, right from the comfort of my own room. The way they had room service set up was very unique and smart. You were able to view the menu / photos of the meals and order straight from the TV! I thought that was nice little touch. Once I placed my first room service order, I received a phone call right away telling me how long it would take to arrive. For the most part they were pretty accurate and fast on timing. As for the rest of the room, I’d have to say the bathroom was impressive. It had a unique rain shower / soaking tub room surrounded by frosted glass, open sink/vanity and a private toilet room. Extra perks were a Nespresso coffee machine and Mini-bar / full liquor bottles on tap.

Overall, the room was super spacious, gorgeous and modern. 


When it comes to activities at CHIC, there’s definitely no shortage of things to do! With all the raving reviews I read about the entertainment / fitness staff, I knew boredom wouldn’t be an issue at this resort. Not only do they run a bunch of relay races and competitions, but they also have a dedicated fitness team. Offering everything from yoga, pilates and even kick boxing. What’s even more appealing about the fitness program is that it’s beach / pool side. So it’s super easy to pop into a class and jump right into the pool right after. What stood out to me the most was the friendliness and enthusiasm the staff had for their job. They weren’t only entertainers, but they would take time to engage in conversation with their visitors.

Here’s a list of activities / shows I saw or participated in:

  • Foam Party
  • Relay races (my favorite one was when people had to climb over a big inflatable pyramid they placed in the pool)
  • Kayak race
  • Dance competitions
  • Volleyball tournaments
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Kickboxing
  • Water aerobics
  • Pole dancing lessons
  • Madonna Tribute
  • Live bands
  • Dance party in the lobby with a DJ
  • Swimming with a mermaid in the mermaid pool!
  • Check out more here!

Restaurants / Food

Overall, i’d say that the food was just OK. I wasn’t really blown away by presentation or portions. The beach side grill seemed to have small portions for the most part, so i’d order a few plates at a time. The best restaurants for dinner from my experience were the Tagine Mediterranean and Hunter Steak House. A lot of people raved about the Vespa Italian restaurant as well. I actually got sick from the Pescari sushi/Japanese restaurant, so i’d say stay away from that. I’ve read a lot of reviews stating that the Pescari restaurant wasn’t that great, and I should have listened to them, haha.

Click here for a detailed list of restaurants.


Chic has a ton of bars you can choose from. All pretty big and beautiful, sprinkled throughout the resort. They have a large lobby bar, swim up pool bar (which is a necessity), a pool side bar, a sports bar (open late night) the Diamond Club beach side bar and lounge bar.

As I stated before I spent most of my time at the Diamond Club beach side bar since they made the best tasting drinks!

Click here for a detailed list of bars.

Insomnia Coffee Shop

Being a coffee lover, having access to a coffee shop on a resort is a major perk. Especially since they offer almond milk and your choice of lattes or macchiatos. Also, if you’re looking for a sweet treat, they offer a small assortment of desserts and self serve ice cream!


Being that I was in the Diamond Club, I had access to the spa’s amenities. So I decided to check out the jacuzzi tubs, hydrotherapy showers, steam room and sauna. The spa is located towards the entrance of the resort, so it was pretty far away from my room, being that I was basically beach side. My first impression of the spa was a good one. It smelled amazing in there and the hydrotherapy room was empty so I had it completely to myself and was immediately relaxed. The hydrotherapy room is located in a large dark room with high ceilings, supplied with complementary water and fruit. The sauna and steam rooms were located in the locker rooms and you were provided with a locker while you used the facilities.


Basically, if you’re looking to be treated like a Queen or King and not be bored on vacation, then I highly recommend CHIC Punta Cana (All-Inclusive / Adults Only) Resort! I think this resort would be best for couples looking for a fun time, bachelor / bachelorette parties, large groups and overall people looking to party. Another thing that I think makes CHIC Punta Cana stand out is it’s staff. The staff was incredible, full of energy, enthusiasm and treated all of the guests with a lot of respect.

If you plan on visiting CHIC Punta Cana or have already stayed there, let me know in the comments below!


For more photos from my trip visit my Instagram page!




 *All photos are mine, unless otherwise stated

2 responses to “CHIC Punta Cana Review”

  1. My husband and I had the pleasure of staying at CHIC in January of this year. We’ve travelled to the DR a few times and we agreed that CHIC was the only resort we’ve been to that we would go back to. Like you, we were Diamond Club members which I also highly recommend. I agree with your review for the most part with the exception of your review of the food. Being someone who has a number of food sensitivities, I was impressed with how easy and tasty it was for me to enjoy my meals while avoiding things I can’t eat. The options at the buffets seemed endless and were varied each day. I was impressed that each time we went to a restaurant, the hostess would ask (without fail) if we had any food allergies or sensitivities. My favourite restaurant was the sushi restaurant Pescari. I thought the sushi was fantastic!
    I’m a personal trainer and I was very impressed with the knowledge and enthusiasm of the fitness staff and the number and variety of classes they offered. The classes were well organized and really fun! I could go on all day about that place! CHIC Punta Cana is a fabulous resort and I can’t wait to go back!


    1. I agreed I would def go back! Yes it was nice that they always asked about food allergies every time! I must have had an off experience at Pescari because I actually got sick from it 🙁


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