Your guide to Sonesta Resort, Sint Maarten

Picture yourself floating in the most beautiful turquoise ocean, sipping on your rum cocktail, all while feeling the force of jet planes flying right over your head! Sonesta Ocean Point Resort is located on the Dutch side, right on Maho Beach. Where the airport landing strip meets the ocean, this Resort will definitely offer you a unique experience!

If you want to learn more about my stay at the Sonesta Ocean Point Resort, read on below! I will also be sharing things to do off the resort.


This will probably be one of the shortest transfers you’ll ever take from an airport to your resort. The Sonesta Ocean Point is located a quick 2 minutes away and will run you only $5 per person. There’s no need to make any transportation arrangements ahead of time either. Once you walk out of the airport there are plenty of taxis lined up for you.


Sonesta Ocean Point is sort of a resort within a resort. It is half shared with Sonesta Maho Beach Resort. So when you pull up, you are dropped off outside the Sonesta Maho Beach lobby. After giving our names at the outside desk, they shuttled us to the Sonesta Ocean Point lobby for the check-in process. Check in was a quick and painless process. That’s usually how I like it, since I’m always itching to run out to the beach!


So, like I mentioned before Sonesta Ocean Point is sort of shared with Sonesta Maho Beach. The Ocean Point side is an all-inclusive, adults-only resort, with more of a luxury feel. When you stay on the Ocean Point side, you have access to all the luxury pools, restaurants and rooftop bars as well as everything in Sonesta Maho Beach.

Check out more here

Sonesta Maho Beach is more of the family side, so expect kids running around. Access to the popular, public Maho Beach is also located on the Sonesta Maho Beach side. This is where you can watch jet planes fly right over you head and get those epic instagram shots.


Being that the resort is fairly brand-new, the rooms are in pretty good shape and modern. My husband and I opted to stay in Junior Suite Room located in the Ocean Point side. Our room offered amazing views of the ocean, planes flying by and pool. The one thing I really loved about our room was the spacious balcony with open views to the ocean. It was also a nice surprise to get a view from the hallway side as well. So basically we were offered almost 360 views from our room. This was great, especially during sunset! The room is equipped with a Nespresso machine, fully stocked fridge, bottles of champagne, rum and other liquors. Also, 24-Hour room service is included in your stay! 

Other room types offered are swim out rooms (not the greatest views in my opinion), as well as rooms with butler service. A lot of guests staying in the tower with butler service had told us it wasn’t really worth the extra splurge. Seems like the resort is still working out some kinks with the Butler service.

Check out all the room types here.


I found the resort not to be to entertainment driven compared to other resorts I’ve been to. But they do offer morning yoga, water aerobics, live bands and shows.

Check out all activities here.


One thing I found about the food was that it was pretty inconsistent across the restaurants. The only restaurant I really loved was Azul, located in Ocean Point (exclusively for adults-only). They change the menu daily, so you could technically eat there every day and not get bored of the food. Casa Blue, located right above Azul was also great for tapas and cocktails. Both restaurants are located on a cliff, offering amazing views all around.

The other restaurants and buffet seemed to be lacking in quality and variety. The room service menu could definitely be expanded as well. Like I stated before, the resort is definitely going through some growing pains and you can tell they are trying their best. I can see them improving their dining experience in the near future!

Click here for a detailed list of restaurants.


There’s no shortage of bars at both Ocean Point and Maho Beach Resort. You have the option from swim-up bar, to rooftop bar and everything in between. Premium liquors are offered on the Ocean Point side, but not the Maho Beach side. I noticed that not all the bars carried the same liquors. So depending on what you drink may determine which bar is your favorite.

Click here for a detailed list of all the bars.

There is also a cafe located in Maho Beach Lobby, but it’s pretty bare bones and more of a self-serve café.


  • Rent a car and drive around the entire island. (It takes approximately 2 hours to drive all the way around). Parking is available onsite at Sonesta at an additional discounted rate for guests.
  • Make a stop at Orient Beach for restaurants and bars (more lively on the weekend).
  • Walk around Philipsburg (the capital of Sint Maarten). Equipped with beachfront bars, shops, casinos and a museum. This is also where cruise ships dock, so it will be pretty lively at times.
  • Take a day trip to Anguilla or St. Barths by boat or plane. Each island offers it’s own unique feel.
  • Jet ski or take a boat tour around the coast. There are so many beautiful coves and cliffs to see around the island.
  • If you are looking to party, head to Sunset Bar and Grill, just a few minutes away from the resort. (Sunday is the best day to go)


If aviation and gorgeous views are your thing, than I highly suggest the Sonesta Resorts. It offers an all-inclusive experience, with direct access to the popular Maho Beach. It’s proximity to the airport also makes it great if you only have a few days to vacation. If you are one to venture off the resort, the island of Sint Maarten and Saint Martin are perfect for you. They are safe to drive around and experience other beaches, restaurants, bars and nightlife!

If you plan on visiting Sint Maarten / Sint Martin or have already been, let me know in the comments below!


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 *All photos are mine, unless otherwise stated
*Resort map credits to Sonesta Ocean Point Resort

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  1. Nadeige Martelly Avatar
    Nadeige Martelly

    Such a nice review of Sint Maarten and Sonesta Ocean Point Resort!


    1. Thank you! It’s a beautiful place and I loved my stay!


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