A true all-inclusive experience – Hotel Xcaret Mexico

Adrenaline pumping activities, guided tours, a beautiful beach, multiple pools, unlimited crafted cocktails and endless amounts of delectable food at your figure tips. That sounds like the perfect vacation, right? Hotel Xcaret Mexico likes to promote it’s self as an all-fun, all-inclusive resort. After my personal experience with the resort, I’d have to say that I 100% agree. In this post I’ll be sharing all about this beautiful hotel and my tips.


Hotel Xcaret Mexico actually includes a free transfer to and from the airport to the resort. Reservations just need to be made ahead of time, directly with the hotel. You will be greeted by a man or women holding a hot pink sign with the hotel’s logo on it. After you get on the bus you will begin your check-in process. This is nice because you can get to the good stuff quicker once you arrive at the resort. Your guide will give you your all-inclusive bracelet and have you fill out a check-in form. After this they will play a video explaining more about the resort and all the parks / tours they offer. All of their buses also have free WiFi. I know, amazing!

All-Inclusive Bracelets

This hotel has electronic bracelets, so they function as your room key, charging things to your room as well as taking pictures! (Which I will explain further down below.)

First Impression

From the minute you step off the bus, you’ll see why this hotel boasts it’s self as an eco-friendly, all-fun inclusive resort. The lobby has a relaxed, earthy vibe with lot of natural light. There are also plenty of inviting staff eager to help and offer up fresh fruit ice pops! 

Building Around Nature

Scattered throughout the resort you’ll see trees and rocks that were once part of the original landscape, repurposed as things such as décor and chairs. The rocks you’ll see on the property were used to make the pillars on parts of the buildings, as well as the reception desks.

Pristine Beach

You won’t find rows of lounge chairs directly on the sand, instead the chairs will be found on a platform built up from the shore. The actual beachfront area was left completely untouched, which adds to its natural beauty. I also have to add that this beach had some of the most vibrant blue shades I’ve ever seen in the ocean!


Hotel Xcaret has an array of room types to choose from. They even have an adults-only tower with 2 pools and one restaurant exclusively for guests staying in the Fuego Building. This is the room-type we opted for with an ocean view. We ended up getting a corner suite with a large wrap around balcony and outdoor Jacuzzi! One of the pools in the Fuego building is a rooftop pool, with an unforgettable view of the ocean. You can lounge around and eat lunch here while enjoying a cocktail.

Other rooms they offer are Suites, Jr. Suites, Swim-up Suites and Master Suites. All the rooms are beautiful and brand new since they just opened in December 2017.

Automatic Cameras

So as I stated before, the resort has several automatic cameras sprinkled throughout the grounds to capture scenic moments of your trip. You’ll see the cameras disguised as vibrant, hand-tiled ‘creatures.’ When you see the round photo symbols and the little ‘creature’, just scan your bracelet over it and pose for the camera. You’ll see the flash go off and that’s when you’ll know the photo has been taken. These photos can then be found on their photo website. Some of the parks will also have this feature, but there will be additional costs. I thought this was such a smart idea and great alternative to carrying your phone/camera around!

Food / Drinks

All the food and drinks really exceeded my expectations. From taste to plating, I definitely was not disappointed. Also may have gained 5 pounds during my stay. My husband and I pretty much dined at all of the restaurants except for , since this is an additional fee. Há is a 7-course dining experience with paired wines, running you $75 USD. We decided not to splurge on this, because there were too many other delicious options already included with our stay.

My personal favorite restaurants/bars by category were:

Cocktails: La Cantina & Fuego

Food: Room service, Xin-Gao (Sushi), La Cantina, Fuego Restaurant, Rooftop pool at Fuego, Il Mercado (best buffet) and the taco truck! Yes, I said TACO TRUCK; they have a small taco cart outside of the main restaurant area that you can enjoy late night.

Atmosphere: Las Cuevas & La Playa

Service: Rooftop Pool at Fuego and Fuego Restaurant.

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with whatever you decide to eat!

Check out more info/detail on all the restaurants here.


The Spa is located near the front of the Resort, sort of tucked away. I personally didn’t use the facilities in the spa, but I did get a tour and it is gorgeous! They have several hot and cold tubs in the facility, along with a steam room and sauna. They also offer massage packages and other spa services. If you’d like you can spend the day in the spa for only $30 USD. This would be worth it on a rainy day.

Parks / Tours

Since there are so many excursions included, i’ve decided to write a separate post for all the Parks / Tours. Click here to read more.


If you’re looking for a true luxury all-inclusive experience, than this is certainly the resort for you! My husband and I can’t wait to return to check out the rest of the tours we missed out on.

Be sure to head over to their website for more info and photos!


For more photos from my trip visit my Instagram page!


 *All photos are mine, unless otherwise stated

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