Lavender Fields of New York

Lately, it feels like we’re all looking for new things to do outdoors. One of my favorite local areas to explore on Long Island is the North Fork. Besides tons of wineries, and beautiful beaches, did you know there are also 2 lavender farms? Yup, if you’re a local, it’s just a short drive away to feeling like you’re in Provence, France!

Lavender by the Bay is a lavender farm which is located in both Calverton and East Marion, NY. The farm is owned and run by a family that have been growing the highest quality lavender in Long Island for over 18 years (3 years at the Calverton location).

Their field at the East Marion location has a variety of lavender, growing across 17 acres, equaling 80,000 plants. As for their Calverton location, their website says they have a smaller amount of lavender. Both locations sell a variety of lavender products as well as local honey! Yum. Best of all is the aroma coming from all the lavender plants!

Personally, I chose to go to the East Marion location since it was the original location and is the larger of the both. I would highly recommend a day trip to their farm. It’s great for photos and of course the smell. Make a day out of it and grab some wine or lunch by the bay afterwards!

Tips on visiting:

  • There are two locations. One in Calverton, NY and the other in East Marion, NY. (All of my photos are from the East Marion location)
  • You have to pre-purchase tickets to enter the fields. (Visit their website for date/time availability) (Limited due to Covid) Currently selling at $10-12 pp.
  • According to the farm, the best time to visit is early to mid July, because the French Bloom is the most impressive and in full bloom.
  • There are tons of bees 🐝 (naturally) so if you’re allergic, plan accordingly and be careful!
  • It’s a field and the ground is all mulch and dirt, so wear easy to walk in shoes.

The main differences between both locations:

  • Calverton is 3 years old and East Marion has been around since 2002
  • Calverton is smaller and East Marion has a larger lavender field.
  • Currently tickets for the Calverton location are $10 pp and East Marion is $12pp

Purchase tickets HERE


For more photos/videos from my trip, visit my Instagram page!




 *All photos are mine, unless otherwise stated

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