Affordable Valentine’s Day Outfit Picks

Hey ladies! If you didn’t already know from all the heart-shaped candies and over-sized teddy bears in the stores, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. So, I wanted to hop on here and share some of my Valentine outfit picks. Regardless of your relationship status, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to wear your heart on your sleeve…or blouse… Jokes aside, I’ve always been a fan of Valentine’s Day, even if I was single! I’m also a big supporter of pink, red, lace and the overall flirtiness of a successful Valentine’s Day ensemble.

Below are a few pieces to help guide you on your Valentine’s or Galentine’s outfits!

Striped Crop Top

This flirty crop top makes a bold statement with it’s pink and red stripes and open back. Pair it with some high-waited jeans or skirt and over-the knee boots for a vintage look. Only $9! Grab it while you can! (Similar Top linked here!)

Velvet Shadow Striped Bodysuit

First of all I love this color and the soft pink is perfect for Valentine’s Day. I’m also a fan of the velvet texture and scoop back. This bodysuit is perfect to layer with a fur or teddy jacket! Also comes in olive and brown. On sale right now for only $6!

Lace-Trim Chiffon Cami

Chiffon and lace make a perfect combo for a romantic date night. Throw on a blazer for those chiller nights!

Embroidered Lace-Trim Swing Cami

This bright pink cami is so cute with it’s lace panel details and flowy fit. Comes in other colors and it’s also only $5-10! (Similar Top linked here)

Faux Fur Jacket

What’s not to love with this plush and gorgeous jacket? I spotted this beauty in the clearance section and had to have it! Especially since it’s on sale for only $15 in store and $20 online! (Similar Jacket linked here)

Lace up Skirt   •   Pocket Lace up Skirt

This high-rise skirt is perfect if you are going for a sexier look for your hot date. Who doesn’t love lace up details, especially on a skirt?

Mock Neck Crochet Lace Top

This crochet pattern is absolutely stunning and the mock neck is a great added detail. I’d pair it with some high waisted jeans and some stilettos for a date night or night out with my girls. This top is from Amazon so if you’re super last minute you can still get it on-time with Prime shipping.

Steve Madden Over-The-Knee Boots

Nothing says sexy like over-the-knee boots. I love the simple, sleek silhouette that makes these boots versatile. It comes in the perfect tan color and also in black.


I hope this helps inspire your Valentine’s outfits, weather you’ll be spending it with your long-time love or long-time besties!


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 *All photos are mine, unless otherwise stated

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