Beach-Glam Jamaican Wedding

5 thoughts on “Beach-Glam Jamaican Wedding”

  1. Hi! I’m actually getting married on the same resort (well the Iberostar suites resort) and was wondering if you have any more specific advice and also what you guys did for flowers and boutinieres.

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  2. Hi Kristen! Thank you 🙂 I got my flowers from Floral Fantasies and I made my boutonnières myself with real touch flowers. Let me know if you have any other specific questions! You can also check out my Instagram page for more photos from my wedding. @wanderlissa_


  3. Beautiful write up! I’m photographing a wedding here in February so this happy and useful information 🙂

    Beautiful pics by the way -we got married in Jamaica in 2018 ,I’m excited to go back it’s such a fun place!


    1. Thank you for checking out my post 🤗🤗 Happy one year anniversary 😬 I know I’ve been there so many times and keep returning. I love the people and the food!
      Also, checked out your page. Beautiful work!


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