Iceland – Blue Lagoon


On our 2nd day there we visited the Blue Lagoon. Which I absolutely loved! Before we arrived to the Blue Lagoon, I was a little nervous to be honest. I read up a lot about it before hand to prepare myself. I found several articles that stated it was mandatory to shower before entering the lagoon and that all the showers were open and had no door. So it was an interesting experience in the locker rooms, if you could image. If you’re on the shy side, just be prepared to see a lot of naked butts walking around! To my relief there was no one that made you shower before hand and there were enclosed showers, as well as open ones.

Once you make your way through the maze of a locker room you can finally take your first dip! The short run from the inside to the lagoon is brisk, but once you get in there it feels amazing! The lagoon is like one big, steamy, milky bathtub. They offer guests drinks at a swim-up bar at a reasonable price. They ran about $8.00 a glass and you were limited to 3 drinks each due to health reasons. There was also a complimentary array of masks, depending on the package you buy. It’s like a self serve mask bar. I tried the silica and algae mask and liked it!

Since they say the water will dry your hair out, I just put my hair up in a bun and didn’t get it wet. If you want to take the risk just make sure to coat your hair with conditioner beforehand and shampoo/condition your hair after you get out.

Besides the lagoon the locker rooms also have a bunch of hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms and plunge pools. There’s also a man-made waterfall in the lagoon that is meant to ‘massage’ your muscles.

Overall the Blue Lagoon was definitely my favorite attraction in Iceland, mostly due to the fact that it was WARM! What can I say, I’m a summer baby. It was very relaxing and really great experience to check off your bucket list!

‘Golden Circle Surprise/Northern Lights’ Tour: Iceland – Golden Circle / Northern Lights Tour

Iceland Travel:

Facts / Tips about Iceland:

  • Yes, it is COLD! Real cold. So make sure you pack lots of layers!
  • Everything is expensive. Be prepared to spend around $20.00 US on a small breakfast sandwich.
  • The currency in Iceland is ISK (Icelandic króna).
  • The food and drinks are delicious in the city of Reykjavik.
  • It’s as beautiful as everyone says!
  • The Blue Lagoon was man made by accident (read more about it here:
  • Everything is hard to pronounce, but fun to try!
  • The natives and people who work there are very friendly and nice people!

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